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Are Your Events Distributing Happiness?

Have you heard about Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine?

Coke planted a vending machine inside the Student Union of a US university that has magical powers. For some unsuspecting people it distributes an unusual amount of coke and other items (pizza, etc.). No matter what it dispenses – it is creating smiles and happiness. You should watch the video and see for yourself.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.915554&w=425&h=350&]

(FYI – Video might take a minute to load)

What does this mean for events?

In my post Who Else Wants to Have Fun at Events – I shared two examples of how you can use technology and “Fun” to change experiences and change behavior.

This Coke video is another example of how we can combine technology and “Fun” to into our event experiences. In this case, happiness is distributed someplace where people least expect it – from a vending machine.

Bottom Line

Regardless of how you choose to engage attendees (with technology or otherwise) – ask yourself this question: Are you creating smiles and distributing happiness?

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Samuel J. Smith is the Managing Director of Interactive Meeting Technology, LLC. He wakes up every morning to save the world from stuffing attendees in chairs for hours on end at events. Oh, and he has small children who usually want some breakfast.