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with creating interactive experiences that turn attendees into active participants.

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events have been stuffing attendees in chairs in rows to listen to speakers for hours on end.

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Yet, attendees are expected to sit quietly listening to speakers for 4-6 hours in a typical conference.

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Our company transforms these UNconversations into

that matter



Top 10 New Event Technology for 2015

In November 2015, IBTM World (formerly EIBTM) selected our Socialpoint Audience Engagement platform as one of the Top 10 new innovations of 2015. We are super proud of this accomplishment!

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MPI Supplier Member of the Year (2014)

Our founder, Samuel J. Smith was recognized as the MPI MN chapter supplier member of the year for his contribution to the chapter.

Innovation in Events Award (2013)

Samuel J. Smith won RSVP magazine's Innovation in Events award.

ISES Star Award Winner (2011, 2012 and 2013)

Interactive Meeting Technology, LLC team members won six ISES Star Awards from 2011 - 2013.

2011 BizBash Event Innovators List

Our Founder, Samuel J. Smith, was recognized as one of BizBash's 68 most innovative event professionals.


How to Overcome the 5 Most Common Objections To Audience Engagement


We have a process called Layered Engagement that we use to help you to align your objectives, analyze your audience and match key messages to activities and objectives.


We are here to help you develop and implement strategies to succeed at audience engagement in your events. Here's how we can help:

Our Services:

  • Develop Event Technology Strategy
  • Develop Audience Engagement Plan
  • Event Technology Selection
  • Design Interactive Games (Tech and non-tech)
  • Hybrid Event Design
  • Create Onsite Social Media Strategy


Our Socialpoint audience engagement platform helps marketers and event organizers quickly deploy audience engagement solutions for all of the events in your portfolio. Our software platform does the following:

  • Ask speakers questions
  • Capture Poll Responses
  • Share ideas
  • Rank & evaluate Ideas
  • Play games
  • Text-to-Screen
  • Display Twitter & Instagram Feeds
  • Create Social Media Leaderboards
  • Build Touch Screen Solutions
  • Capture Leads in Your Booth
  • Share Digital Documents
  • Print Photos
If you have the strategy and expertise our digital solutions are a simple, fun, smart way to transform your events without making major changes.

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