Layered Engagement is a process for thinking through and planning attendee engagement experiences for your events.

We use this process to craft interactive experiences that create two-way conversations between you and your attendees. These experiences come in the form of mobile, social, sms, kiosk, games, touchscreens and digital signage.

Identify Goals, Objectives & Metrics

Working with you, we identify your audience engagement goals and your key metrics. We learn about your attendees, then identify their digital behaviors.

From here, we will be able to recommend the best combination of solutions that appeal to the broadest set of digital behaviors. This will put you in the best position to succeed at attendee engagement and maximize your budget.

Mapping Attendee Engagement

Attendees are more likely to participate in a way that is most comfortable and familar to them. This could be via mobile, sms, kiosk, touchscreen or whispering to a neighbor.

We will map out and plan digital experiences that best align with your goals, measures, event spaces and attendee behaviors.

Some of the common preferences that we create experiences for are: Creators, Critiquers, Collectors, Joiners and InActives.

Experience Planning

The best digital interactive experiences are a combination of people, process and technology. In designing our attendee engagement experiences, we consider the following the following key elements that help support a successful activation:

  • Experience Map
  • People & Roles
  • Participation Tools
  • Internet Access
  • Content Display Screens
  • Environment and Decor
  • Measuring Outcomes

Audience Engagement Platform

Managing a wide variety of technology experiences is nearly impossible. We have developed a way to easily configure and deploy many different experiences without adding work.

Our SocialPoint Audience Engagement platform provides event organizers with digital solutions that before now only came from 4-5 vendors. It's accessible from any mobile or desktop device. Solutions can be configured for mobile, kiosk, touchscreen, sms and digital signage. You get data analytics and engagement. Your stress level gets a break.

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